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Found Object Sculpture

Domestic Bliss
Most of the pieces were created in the evening or during the day when my daughter was at kindergarten and the baby was napping – quiet, precious moments of peace when I let out my alter ego, the artist. The process and resultant artworks have evolved slowly through a year of research, contemplation and experimentation with materials.

As part of my own "brief" I've used commonly found domestic objects such as discarded toys, food wrapping, dryer lint, cleaning materials, and combined these in various ways to create colourful wall mounted and stand alone sculptures.

I’ve tried to bind humour and irony into each work, as the daily focus of routine, repetition and chores can be dreadfully boring, especially for those of us that have willingly forfeited a successful stand-alone career to raise a family — how did our mothers do it all with such apparent ease?

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